Dr. S. Folli (MPhA, CHN, PhD)

History and founders


In 1989, two young graduates, both holding a degree in pharmacy, founded the company Pharma Futura SA. At that time they decided to create pharmacies.

Meanwhile, attracted by the applied sciences, Dr. Silvio Folli makes a thesis in Professor Jean-Pierre Mach’s group at the Institute of Biochemistry (Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lausanne). His thesis led him to develop a multidisciplinary project that required the collaboration of several institutions including the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV).

This project, which begins in vitro is referred to as “immunophotodiagnostic” and made a bridge between the field of tumor targeting using monoclonal antibodies and photodiagnostic which uses fluorescent molecules to diagnose tumors. This fruitful collaboration allows to demonstrate World’s first successful feasibility of this new treatment. In 1993, Dr. S. Folli obtained his Doctorate of Pharmaceutical Sciences  with highest grades and honors from the University of Lausanne. Desiring to continue to develop this application, he worked as a post Doctoral fellow in the same research group and obtained in 1995 following his work, efforts and publications an award from the Faculty of Medicine of University of Lausanne. Throughout these years of applied research, he became aware of the difficulties in early diagnosis of tumors. This observation led him to focus more on human nutrition, one of the factors that prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

Increasingly attracted to this area, he obtained a certificate in Human Nutrition at the Institute of Physiology (Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lausanne) and specialized in nutrition applied to health & physical performance. His growing interest in nutrition and exercise led him to advise and follow many elite athletes.

In 1996, he obtained a position of delegate of the Swiss Olympic Association and intensively continue this work with athletes, coaches and sports teams. The same year he began teaching at graduate training, nutrition applied to physical performance in the Federal School of Sports Magglingen (EFSM).

In 1999, in collaboration with the Center for Analysis of Sports and Health (CASS) of the sports department of the University and the EPFL, a unique course that allows everyone to take training 42 hours in the field nutrition applied to physical performance. The same year he also began teaching this subject at the Institute of Sport Science and Physical Education (ISSEP) at the University of Lausanne.

Meanwhile, in 1995, Dr. Folli and Mr. Calabro created within their company, Futura Pharma SA, a development unit, research, formulation and manufacture of functional dietary supplements intended not only to athletes but also to customers on large scale.

Mr. P. Calabro, with his experience in the Pharmaceutical Analysis Institute in the group of Professor Kesselring at Lausanne University, is working on the development of manufacturing processes, quality control, to approval and registration of brands with the competent offices.

With this special structure that includes education, consulting as well as development, production and distribution of health and food supplements, the company Futura Pharma SA acquired a wide experience in this field.

From 2012 and strong from all these years of experience and its expertise in health and nutrition, Pharma Futura has strengthened its activities in the Pharma sector more specifically in the production of medicine in modest quantities and with magisterial formulations, for which it has obtained Swissmedic official accreditations. This recognition allows Pharma Futura to produce specific medicine for patients whereas a second official accreditation authorizes the company to perform retail trade and wholesale trade of medicine.

In 2016, the company has increased the production capacity of the entire structure by building an additional industrial building to cope with the targeted development in other countries.