Organisation and structure

Pharma Futura SA is located in Grône between Sion and Sierre in Canton of Valais, Switzerland.

In 2016, the company has increased the production capacity of the entire structure by building an additional industrial building.

Thanks to this new configuration, the company will keep diversifying every line of business in the different key sectors and is now ready to cope with larger markets both in Switzerland and abroad. The whole infrastructure is following strict standards in terms of building configuration, regulations and equipment and therefore meet the necessary legal and technical requirement that allow Pharma Futura to have the great prospect of increasing efficiency in terms of production capacity while focusing on the Pharma side under the aegis of Swissmedic.

The company can now reach a new dimension and follow up with higher demands from the market and extend its production capacity. This investment was essential to consolidate our position on the French-speaking part of Switzerland while directing our efforts towards new developments in the months and years to come. DR. FOLLI