Products and services

Development, formulation, production of functional food supplements: 

Scientific evidence shows that some health supplements are beneficial for overall health and for managing some health conditions. Pharma Futura also has a wide range of products dedicated for these purposes and that have been designed for pharmacies, drug stores, shopping malls, EMS (home for the elderly)  and sport centers. These prodcuts are accessible and beneficial for a broad public.

Human Nutrition:  

Dr. Folli has a strong experience in the field of nutrition applied to health and sport’s performance. Dr. S. Folli taught for eight years at the Institute of Sport Science and Physical Education (ISSEP) at the University of Lausanne. He is also involved in ongoing training and has lectured extensively in this area.

Production of magistral preparations for patients:

Due to the fact that the Swiss legislation for production of magistral and officinal preparations in pharmacies, drug stores and clinics have become more stringent and challenging in the last few years, many service providers have decided to renounce to produce specific magisterial and officinal formulations.

This situation has created a niche market in which an accredited structure such as Pharma Futura SA can play an essential role in the production of these preparations and meet the needs and expectations of pharmacies, drug stores and clinics in terms of requirement as there are not many players in this pharmaceutical sector.

Thanks to the necessary experience that Pharma Futura SA has acquired, today the company can cope with these key issues and provide a specific service to position the company as a reliable and valuable actor essential in terms of public health.


Medicine used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

As there is an increase in the aging segment population in Switzerland but also in many other countries, more and more clinics are oriented themselves in the slowdown of senescence and the pathologies associated aiming at meeting the expectations of most demanding clientele.

This situation has also created a niche market in which an accredited structure such as Pharma Futura SA can bring concrete and efficient solutions through the manufacturing of specific types of individual formulations for patients.